850 Vertical CNC Machining Center 850 CNC Milling Machine 850 CNC Lathe

850 CNC Milling Machine850 Vertical CNC Milling Machine850 CNC Machining Tool850 CNC Machine Center850 CNC Lathe850 Digital Control Machine ToolCNC Machining CenterCNC Machining Tool Digital Control CNC LatheDigital Control CNC Maching Tools:For cuttingFor millingFor drillingFor engravingFor turning....Multi-functionHigh ef

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850 CNC Milling Machine
850 Vertical CNC Milling Machine
850 CNC Machining Tool
850 CNC Machine Center
850 CNC Lathe
850 Digital Control Machine Tool
NC Machining Center

CNC Machining Tool
Digital Control CNC Lathe
Digital Control CNC Maching Tools:

For cutting
For milling
For drilling
For engraving
For turning
High efficiency, High Quality, High Hardness, High Stability
Low cost, Low noise, Low consumable, Less money

Yongshuo CNC Machine Center:
liHigh Precision, High Rigidity, High Stability, High Efficiency, Long Use Life.

Linear rail CNC maching Center usually refers to the rolling guide, which is often used in the linear module of the machine tool industry. We usually call this type of component a "linear guide". The linear guide itself is divided into two parts: slide rail and slider. There are internal rollers or rollers in the slide block, and the length of the slide rail can be customized. It is a modular component, a standarized series of separate products produced by a specialized manufacturer, which can be installed on a machine tool and can be disassembled and replaced after wear. Many machine tools in the field of precision machining mostly use high precision wire rail as machine tool guide, which also greatly guarantees the machining accuracy of machine tools.
The line rail CNC Machine Center is precompressed to achieve zero clearance between the tracks, with high accuracy. In terms of service life, the line rail is much higher than the hard rail.
The cutting force of the line rail is smaller than the hard rail, but for the hard rail, the line rails of many machine tools have greatly improved their carrying capacity.
The application of wire rail is suitable for high speed machine, high speed cutting, suitable for processing products and small precision moulds. Today, more precision machining centers use wire rails.

Main Application Areas:
Automobile manufacturing, spare parts processing;
Toy industry, parts processing and molding
Hardware and mechanical parts processing and rapid prototyping
Spare parts processing and rapid prototyping for electronic and electrical industry
Rapid prototyping and processing of building materials, ceramics and hardware industry

Main Machined Parts:
General type
Light industry
Aviation Industry
Boating Industry
Instruments and Apparatus
Electric appliance
Stainless Steel Products
Steel structure building
Architectural decoration
Aluminium parts

All general-purpose machine parts

Main Parameters Specification List:
CNC Milling Machines. (Vertical CNC Machine Center)
Technical DataYSL-850
Workbench Size(MM)1000*500
Process Distance In X-axis(MM)800
Process Distance In Y-axis(MM)500
Process Distance In Z-axis(MM)500
Worktable to Spindle Nose(MM)110-610
Spindle Center to Column Spacing560
Max. Loading Weight(KG)450
T-Groove Width/Spacing(MM)5-18*90
Range of Spindle Speed(RPM)8000
Spindle TaperBT40
Moving Speed(M/MIN)24/24/15
Cutting Feed Speed(M/MIN)10
Repeated Position Accuracy (300mm)±0.003
XYZ-axis Ball Screw Specification4012
X-axis Linear Guide Specification(MM)35
Y-axis Linear Guide
Principal Axis Motor(KW)7.5
Tool Capacity24 of Tool-Arm Type
20 of Turntable Style
Floor Space(M)2.7*2.4*2.7
* Note: 4-Axis Rotary Tables & 5-Axis Rotary Tables and matching system can be configurated as per the request of the users.
850 Vertical CNC Machine Center 850 CNC Milling Machine 850 CNC Lathe
850 Vertical CNC Machine Center 850 CNC Milling Machine 850 CNC Lathe
850 Vertical CNC Machine Center 850 CNC Milling Machine 850 CNC Lathe
850 Vertical CNC Machine Center 850 CNC Milling Machine 850 CNC Lathe
850 Vertical CNC Machine Center 850 CNC Milling Machine 850 CNC Lathe
850 Vertical CNC Machine Center 850 CNC Milling Machine 850 CNC Lathe

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