Coal mill asynchronous motor/horizontal coal mill motor\\Ytm/Ymps450-8 250kw 10kv IP55

I. OverviewYTM, YMPS series of three-phase asynchronous motors for coal mills are a new series of products developed by our company using advanced technology at home and abroad, through a mature and reliable design and production system combined with the company\'s more than 60 years of manufacturing experience in medium and lar

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I. Overview
YTM, YMPS series of three-phase asynchronous motors for coal mills are a new series of products developed by our company using advanced technology at home and abroad, through a mature and reliable design and production system combined with the company's more than 60 years of manufacturing experience in medium and large high-voltage AC motors. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, high reliability and convenient installation and maintenance.
  This series of motors are specially designed for various coal mills in power stations, mining, metallurgy and other industries, and can also be used to drive other mechanical equipment with similar characteristics.
2. Implementation standards
GB 755 Rotating Motor Rating and Performance
GB/T 1993 Rotating electric machine cooling method
GB 10068 The measurement, evaluation and limit of mechanical vibration of motors with shaft center height of 56mm and above
GB/T 10069.1 Rotating electrical machine noise measurement method and its limits Part 1: Rotating electrical machine measurement method
GB 10069.3 Rotating electrical machinery noise measurement method and limits Part 3: Noise limits
GB/T 13957 Basic series design conditions of large three-phase asynchronous motors
Technical conditions of JB/T 7593 Y series high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor (frame size 355~630)
JB/T 10446 Y series 10KV three-phase asynchronous motor technical conditions (frame size 450~630)
JB/T 7128 YTM, YMPS series three-phase asynchronous motor technical conditions for coal mill
3. Basic technical parameters
Power range: 185-3500KW
Number of poles: 6P-8P
Rated voltage: 0.38KV-3KV-13.8KV (6KV and 10KV parameters are listed in the data sheet, and can also be made into 3KV, 6.6KV, 11KV, 13.8KV)
Rated frequency: 50HZ, 60HZ
Insulation class: F H
Protection level: IP44, IP54
Cooling method: IC611 IC616 IC666
Installation method: IMB3
Quota: SI (work system)
Four, technical characteristics and structure type
4.1 This series of motors have the characteristics of large locked-rotor torque, large heat capacity, and safe and reliable performance.
4.2 This series of motors adopt a box-type structure. The frame is welded into a box-type with steel plates. It is light in weight and good in rigidity. A protective top cover or cooler is installed on the top of the motor to facilitate motor heat dissipation, installation and maintenance.
4.3 The stator adopts an external press-fit structure, and the stator and rotor punching sheets are punched from low-loss non-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheets. The stator winding is made of F-class insulating material, which has strong insulation withstand voltage and anti-corona ability. The winding ends are reliably fixed and tied, and are treated with vacuum pressure impregnation solvent-free paint (VPI) process, with excellent performance and mechanical strength High, strong moisture resistance and long service life.
4.4 This series of motor rotors can adopt cast aluminum or copper bar rotors according to performance and user requirements to ensure the high starting performance of the motor.
4.5 The bearing adopts two forms of rolling bearing and sliding bearing. It is determined by the power and speed of the motor. Its protection level is IP44 or IP54. The rolling bearing is equipped with a non-stop oil injection and drainage device, which is easy for users to use and maintain.
4.6 The main junction box is placed on the right side of the motor (viewed from the extended end of the spindle), or it can be placed on the left side according to user requirements. Separate grounding terminals are provided inside and outside the junction box.
4.7 According to user requirements, temperature measurement devices can be added to important parts such as stator windings and bearings to facilitate on-site observation and remote monitoring to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor.
5. Conditions of use
5.1 Ambient air temperature: -25ºC~50ºC
5.2 Altitude: not more than 1000m
5.3 Rated frequency: 50Hz, allowable frequency deviation ±1%
5.4 During voltage operation, allowable voltage deviation ±5% (it can run at ±10% under the conditions of 7.3 in GB 755)
Six, model description
                          Y TM 560-6 W

  Squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor outdoor (environmental code)
  Number of poles for barrel coal mill
                                                          Motor shaft center height
YMPS-three-phase asynchronous motor for bowl coal mill
Meaning of environmental code:
W-outdoor anti-light corrosion type WF1-outdoor anti-medium corrosion type WF2-outdoor anti-corrosion type
F-Indoor anti-light corrosion type F1-Indoor anti-medium corrosion type F2-Indoor anti-corrosion type
TH-Wet tropical indoor type THW-Wet tropical outdoor type TA-Dry tropical indoor type TAW-Dry tropical outdoor type
Seven, ordering instructions
7.1 Before placing an order, please refer to the product catalog of this series to clarify the required product model, specifications and other data. If there is any discrepancy between the required varieties and specifications, please contact the company immediately.
7.2 The motor model, rated power, synchronous speed, rated voltage, rated frequency, protection level, rotation direction, installation type, etc. must be indicated when ordering.
7.3 The technical data and dimensions in the sample are only for reference when selecting the model. The official information should be provided by the manufacturer after the contract or technical agreement is signed.
7.4 The sample technical data sheet only lists the relevant data of motors with rated voltages of 6 KV and 10KV. If users require other voltage levels, the manufacturer can also provide relevant technical data when ordering.
7.5 If you have special requirements, please provide data and sign the relevant technical agreement when ordering.

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