CNC fixed beam gantry mobile frame machining center (Gy-46c)

CNC Fixed Beam Gantry Moving Frame-type Boring and Milling Machining CenterGY-41C   GY-46C   GY-51C  GY-56C  GY-61C  GY-66CMachine Summary:The machine tool consists of table ,fixed beam and moving gantry frame .Main structural parts are made of high strength cast iron a

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CNC Fixed Beam Gantry Moving Frame-type Boring and Milling Machining Center
GY-41C   GY-46C   GY-51C  GY-56C  GY-61C  GY-66C

Machine Summary:
The machine tool consists of table ,fixed beam and moving gantry frame .Main structural parts are made of high strength cast iron and phenolic sand molding with the good shock absorption and thermal stability.The structure of the whole machine is characterized by the high rigidity and high reliability,It is suitable for the processing of heavy and extra-heavy basic parts in the industries of metallurgy,railway,heavy machine ,shipbuilding and automobile,especially the CNC
Processing of all kinds of plane ,curved surface ,space curved surface and hole with large weight and long length .It is widely applied in the rough and fine processing of complicated parts of plate,box and chassis.

Structure and Performance:
1.The machine tool can finish 3-axis linkage curved surface processing and rigid tapping .The addition of accessory milling head can meet the demand of five-face processing.It can add the accessory milling head according to customers' demand of processing and realize the five-face processing by one time of clamping accordingly.The spindle of boring and milling head is driven by AC spindle servo motor .The output terminal of spindle servo motor is directly connected to the automatic gear box with the top and lower gear.
2.Apply the computer-aided engineering (CAE)system to finish the optimized structure design and enhance the reliability of machine tool ,and the finite element method(FEM) to take the scientific analysis and optimization of design structure ,which can guarantee the rigidity andd stability of the whole machine structure.
3.Apply two-times aging treatmet for the cast to guarantee the complete release of internal stress and the precision persistence of the machine tool.
4.The operation box has the swing design that is in accordance with the principle of man-machine engineering and will be convenient for passing the high workpiece.
5.The operation box can cross the table and the all-through workstation design will make the operation more convenient.
6.The hydraulic and electrical control systems are located in the maintenance plat-form in the back of beam,convenient for the maintenance.

Guide type:
1.When being equipped with the square ram ,it adopts the rectangle sliding guide.When being equipped with the whole-wrapped ram ,it adopts the static pressure guide.
2.X-axis adopts the constant flow static-pressure guide with the high bearing capacity,strong abilities of shock proof and shock absorption,good precision stability ad long service life.
3.The fixed displacement multi-stage pump provides the hydraulic oil with the constant flow for the constant flow static-pressure guide.
4.The beam adopts the composite structure of rectangle up-and-down stage solid guide and rolling guide to neutralize the disturbing moment caused by the offset of center of gravity of spindle box's boring and milling head and traverse slide .Y-axis traverse slide ,transverse guide and slide wedge all adopt the filming treatment to enhance the precision and service life.
5.Hydraulic lock mechanism of beam and vertical ram guide.Function of high -pressure oil.

Feeding drive:
1.Y-axis adopt AC servo motor with the direct connection to the precision planet connection to the precision planet reduction box to drive the ball screw .Equipped with the screw supporting device,it can avoid the distorted falling of screw affected by the gravity.
2.Y-axis adopt two sets of AC servo motor with the direct connection to the precision planet reduction box to drive the double gear-rack gearmechanism.Eliminate the backlash by the electic control and achieve the linear movement of transmission gear and rack toothing driven shaft.
3.Large-diameter and high precision double Nut pre-load ball screw.
4.Three axes can all adopt the precision grating scale to realize the fully-enclosed position feedback to ensure the precision of 3-axis location and repeated location.Where,X-axis adopts two sets of grating scales to guarantee the synchronous movement of gantry frame.
5.Double motor backlash elimination.Control the clamping status between the driving spindle and driven spindle by the numerical control system to guarantee the optimal torque coupling and automatically eliminate the backlash for X-axis left to roght movement.

Ram and Spindle:
1.Spindle adopts the "gripping-type"tension which can automatically tighten up the parts.The mechanism of tool holder tension is the disc spring tension and hydraulic unlock.
2.The ram and milling head spindle has the function of power protection.Such function can set the limit of spindle's maximal sperating power .When the vertical ram extends out totally or has the different accessory milling heads ,it can set the power limitation according to the extended ram or peak power output of related accessory milling head ,which can guarantee that the ram can extend out completely or the processing security when using the different accessory milling heads to avoid the overloading operations.
3.The vertical ram adopts the nodular graphite cast iron with the standard option of rectangular guide quare ram .In case of requiring the large torque output ,it can adopt the whole-wrapped square ram optionally.
4.The ram is equipped with the equalizer to reduce the loading of Z-axis screw and prolong its service life.
5.It can be equipped with the boring and milling spindle with the large torque output.Used configuration:High power spindle motor ,rigid coupling ,large torque direct-connected spindle ,constant temperature and oil circulation cooling ,two-stage planet gear reduction box(constant temperature and lubtication by oil circulation).
6.It adopts the constant temperature oilcooler to control the tenperature rise of spindle and reduction box .

Hydraulic System:
1.Hydraulic and lubrication system protection.This system has function of pressure relay protection,voltage-loss protection of lubrication duct ,alarming protection of oil fluid blockage and oil temperature protection.
2.The static pressure tank is controlled by the constant temperature.Apply the centralized lubrication for the timed and measured lubrication of each axis.
3.The hydraulic system control the clamping and releasing of spindle ,the grabbing of accessory head ,hydraulic balance of Z-axis and clamping and releasing of guide.The hydraulic system possesses the function of two-stage filtration and low-oil alarming.

Tool Magazine and Accessory Milling Head:
1.It can set the accessory head magazine ,as well as all kinds of accessory mill heads grabbed manually or automatically as required to enlarge the technique scope of machine tool processing .
2.Add the tool magazine in the left column of machine tool.Set tools in the magazine according to the required processing technique .Control the ram to the too-change point by the pregram.The tool-change holder finshes the automatic tool-change.

Technical parameters

TravelX-axis travelMm8500-50500
 Y-axis travelMm450050005500600065007000
 Z-axis travelMm  1000/1250/1500   
Max.Width of
Passing workpiece

Distance from spindle end
To table surface

According to customers'request design
 Spindle specification BT50/BT60
 Spindle transmission Two-stage reduction box and direct-connected spindle
 Spindle output powerKw28/38,41/56,55/78,60/84,71/114,100/140
 Spindle torqueNm1470-11320
 Spindle speedRpm10-1500/10-3000


Feeding speed X/Y/Z
 Rapid traverse speed X/Y/ZM/min10



Vertical ram section
 CNC system SIEMENS 840DSL or other CNC system

Standard configuration:
Direct-connected spindle with two-stage reduction box
Rectangle guide square ram
X-axis static-pressure guide
Planet reducer
X-axis double grating scales synchronous drive
Y,Z-axis grating scale
Fixed displacement multi-stage pump
Static-pressure oil feeding tank
Hydraulic pressure station
Electric tank with air condition
Guide protection
Chain-type chip removal machine
Centralized automatic lubrication system
Spindle oil cooler
Oil feeding tank with oil cooler
Air filtration purification system

Optional configuration:
FANUC 0i-MD CNCsystem
FANUC 31i-MB CNC system
Whole wrapped square ram with static-pressure guide
Y-axis double gear and rock electric control backlash elimination
Vertical tool magazine
Vertical and horizontal tool magazine
Accessory heads
Accessory head grabbed automatically
Attachment head loss prevention system
Manual/semi-auto/fully-auto.90 degree milling head
Entended milling head
Universal millinghead
Flat right-angle milling head
Right-angle milling head

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