Hard guide gantry CNC machining center (G series CNC milling machine)

G Series Gantry Machining Center (hard guide)Machine Summary:    G series gantry machining center adopts the closed gantry frame structure consisting  of bed ,column and beam ,with features of high rididity and high stability.The machine tool can finish the processing of milling ,boring ,drilling ,tapping and sink

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G Series Gantry Machining Center (hard guide)

Machine Summary:
    G series gantry machining center adopts the closed gantry frame structure consisting  of bed ,column and beam ,with features of high rididity and high stability.The machine tool can finish the processing of milling ,boring ,drilling ,tapping and sinking.It is mainly designed for the processing of automobile sheet metal mold,plastic mold ,precision machinery parts and aerospace and shipbuilding .Equipped with the accessory milling head ,it can realize the five-face processing at one time of clamping ,serving several purposes.It can effectively enhance the processing precision and processing efficiency.
    The casting of the machine tool is made of high strength inoculated cast iron and high quality resin bonded sand,which is treated by multiple aging techniques to ensure the rigidity and stability of the machine tool.
    Three axes are all equipped with the sliding guide treated by the high-frequency quenching to enhance the whole bearing capacity and durability.
Structure and performance 
1. Apply the computer-aided engineering (CAE)system to finish the optimized structure design and enhance the reliability of machine tool,and the finite element method (FEM)to take the scientific analysis and optimization of design structure,which can guarantee the rigidity and stability of the whole machine structure.
2. The surface of hard guide is treated by the high frequency quenching and the hardness can reach HRC 45°,with the higher cutting propety.
3. Apply two-times aging treatment for the cast to guarantee the complete release of internal stress and the precision persistence of the machine tool.
4. X-axis can adopt the constant flow static-pressure guide optionally with the high bearing capacity ,strong abilities of shock proof and shock absorption,good precision stability and long service life.
5. The integrated casting of machine tool base with the travel of 6m and less can reduce the binding face to guarantee the rigidity and precision stability.
6. The addition of supporting mechanism on screw with the travel over 4m can effectively avoid the falling caused by the deadweight due to the overlength of screw and thus prolong its service life and reliability of precision during the processing.
7. The transmission mechanism with the large loading adopts the precision planet gear box characterized by the large tansmission torque ,high efficiency and precision.All servo axes are driven by spring coupling with good rigidity and accurate travel.
8. The beam adopts the composite structure of rectangle up and down stage solid guide and rolling guide to neutralize the disturbing moment casued by the offset of center of gravity of spindle box's boring and milling head and traverse slide .Y-axis traverse slide,transverse guide and slide wedge all adopt the filming treatment to enhance the precision and service life.
9. X-axis can adopt the constant flow static pressure guide optionally with the high bearing capacity,strong abilities of shock proof and shock absorption,good precision stability and long service life.
10. The precision assembly of spindle in the constant temperature,dust-free and closed envieonment can guarante the assembly precision.
11. 3-axis bearing seat is scraped precisely without the gasket design to guarantee the smoothness of 3-axis transmission.
12. The assembly of joint surface adopts the technique of glue injection,which can greatly increasel.
13. The foot treadle (optional) and moving foot-operated switch(optional) are convenient for users to get up and down the machine tool to change the tool.
14. The large type adopts the hanging-type operation box that can be rotatable to the table sufae and convenient for users' operation.
15. Hydraulic balancing system can guarantee the smooth operation of Z-axis.
16. It leaves the mounting surface of tool magazine to add the tool magazine quickly later.

Technical parameters
Table Table dimensionmm2500/3000*12003000/4000*16004000/6000*20006000/8000*25006000/8000/10000*3000
Interval of two columnsmm16002200260030003600
TravelX-axis travelmm3000/35003500/45004500/65006500/85006500/8500/10500
Y-axis travelmm18002400280032003800
Z-axis travelmm1000(1250)*1000(1250)*1250(1500)*1250(1500)*1250(1500)*
Spindle Distance from X-axis end surface to table mm200-1200(1450)*200-1200(1450)*200-1450(1700)*200-1450(1700)*200-1450(1700)*
Spindle type  BT50 Direct-connectionBT50 Direct-connectionBT50 Direct-connectionBT50(BT60) Direct-connectionBT50(BT60) Direct-connection
Rivet type  BT50-45°BT50-45°BT50-45°BT50-45°BT50-45°
Spindle speedrpm3000300030003000(1500)3000(1500)
Main motor powerkw22/2630/3737/5137/51(60/84)37/51(60/84)
Max.output torqueNm560/662764/942942/1298942/1298(4580/6412)942/1298(4580/6412)
Feeding speedGuide type X/Y/Z Hard guideHard guideStatic-pressure guide/
Hard guide/Hard guide
Static-pressure guide/
Hard guide/Hard guide
Static-pressure guide/
Hard guide/Hard guide
Rapid traverse speed Xm/min1010101010
Rapid traverse Speed Ym/min1010101010
Rapid traverse speed Zm/min1010101010
Cutting and feeding speedmm/min5-80005-80005-80005-80005-8000
Tool magazine Tool magazine capacityT24/32/4024/32/4024/32/4024/32/4024/32/40
Tool holder type  BT50BT50BT50BT50BT50
Max.length of toolmm300300300300300
Max.diameter of tool(full tool/isolated toolmmΦ125/Φ228Φ125/Φ200Φ125/Φ200Φ125/Φ200Φ125/Φ200
Tool exchange time sec.3.5/5.53.5/5.53.5/5.53.5/5.53.5/5.5
Precision (ISO)Location precision X(Semi-closed loop)mm0.032/0.0350.035/0.040.004/0.050.05/0.060.05/0.06/0.08
Location precision Y(Semi-closed loop)mm0.0250.030.030.0320.035
Location precision Z(Semi-closed loop)mm0.0230.0230.0250.0250.025
Repeated location precision X(Semi-closed loop)mm0.012/0.0140.014/0.0150.015/0.0220.022/0.0350.022/0.035/0.04
Repeated location precision Y(Semi-closed loop)mm0.0130.0130.0150.0150.015
Repeated location precision Z(Semi-closed loop)mm0.0120.0120.0120.0120.012
OthersPower capacityKva656580100130
Pressure of air supplykgf/cm26.
Overall dimension(Length*Width*Height)mm*mm*mm9300/9800*5300*60009500/10500*6200*600014000/16000*6500*650016500/20000*7300*650016500/20000/25000*8000*6500
Net weight of tool machine (approximate)kg38000/4000045000/4800065000/8000090000/110000100000/130000/160000

 Standard configuration:
FANUC CNC system
Direct-connected spindle speed is 3000rpm     
Both sides of screw chip removal device   
Spindle with two-stage speed change box           
Electric tank with air condition                   
Air filtration purification device                                    
Spindle oil cooler
Cooling device                                  
Hydraulic system
Air curtian protection
Air gun 
Machine protection shield
Linghting system
Three color light alarm
Cutting blow
Communication interface
Handheld electronic hand wheel
Tools and tool box 
Horizontal adjustment bolts and shim
Technical documents

Optional configuration:
Gear-type spindle speed is 6000rpm
Belt-type spindle speed is 6000rpm
Disc-type tool magazine 
Chain-type tool magazine 
Vertical and Horizontal tool magazine 
CNC rotary table 
Grating scale 
Water gun 
Accessory head grabbed automatically
Attachment head loss prevention system
Fully-auto. 90 degree milling head
Semi-auto. 90 degree milling head
Manual 90 degree milling head
Extended milling head 
Side milling head 
Flat right-angle milling head 
Column heightening
Z-axis travel is 1250m

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