Single Column CNC Vertical Lathe

Single Column CNC Vertical Turning MachineVLK800E    VLK1250E    VLK1600E    VLK2000EMachine Summary:The machine tool is suitable for processing large and thin and heavy irregular workpiece; No the workpiece roundness error due to inertia weight, ensure that the roundness precision of the workpiece.

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Single Column CNC Vertical Turning Machine
VLK800E    VLK1250E    VLK1600E    VLK2000E

Machine Summary:
The machine tool is suitable for processing large and thin and heavy irregular workpiece; No the workpiece roundness error due to inertia weight, ensure that the roundness precision of the workpiece. Due to the weight of workpiece, so workpiece and fixture can ensure that closed, short workpiece loading and unloading time and stability; The column, beam, and ram guideway adopt grinding after quenching, have super wear resistance and prolong the service life; Unique whole enclosed shield prevent scraps and coolant splash, achieve environmental protection purposes.

Structure and Feature:
1. The column adopts the optimization design of box-type structure and reasonable layout stiffener, so as to realize the good thermal stability, high strength and high rigidity.
2. The column guideway adopts grinding after quenching, to improve wear resistance and prolong service life. The guideways adopt stainless steel sealing cover for protection and reduce the corrosion rate.

1. The worktable base adopts high strength and high rigid cast iron material, to improve stability and absorb vibration. Unique thermal symmetric structure, overcome the spindle temperature rise effect on machining accuracy.
2. The spindle is equipped with spindle encoder, to realize constant linear speed cutting
3. Worktable and worktable base and motor separation, relying on the V-type belt drive, max. limit reduces the vibration of the motor heat directly affect the machining accuracy.

1. The beam guideway has very high wear resistance after quenching and grinding, so as to guaratee long-term stability and high processing accuracy.
2. Horizontal guideway width large with wide guide structure, ball screw in the middle of the guide rail thoroughly solve the problem of drive torque, the guideway adopts the paster guide rail, good seismic performance, large loading capacity, decrease friction coefficient.
3. Beam lifting adopts two clamping points, to ensure the accuracy of the lifting beam.

Spindle Unit
Worktable uses integrated, highrigidity, high precision and short fixed-type spindle structure, the spindle is equipped with a set high precision thrust ball bearing and a set double row short cylindrical roller bearing. Compact structure, at the same time bear radial load, the axial load and tilting moment, and under the overloading elastic deformation is small, improved the precision of the rotation of the worktable and carrying capacity.

Feed Unit
Tool-post horizontal feed(X-axis) and ram vertical feed(Z-axis) are driven by AC servo motor through the gear reducer driving ball screw, the reducer and screw through the flexible coupling connection, high transmission efficiency, small transmission error, high transmission precision.

Main Drive
1. Main transmission adopts gear drive, gears adopt high strength material and quenching and grinding process, so it can realize high speed cutting force, high transmission accuracy and rate, and reduce the vibration and noise of the transmission. 
2. Main transmission is controlled by horizontal spindle servo motor, can realize four shifts stepless speed, it is suitable for processing all material workpiece, to realize spindle wide speed changing and large torque heavy cutting, meet low-speed and heavy cutting for big diameter workpiece, and high-speed cutting for smaller diameter workpiece.
3. Large gear adopt high grade alloy steel, through quenching treatment and being grinded by high precision gear grinding machine, to reduce noise of spindle running. 

Four Station Electrical Tool-Post
1. High Positioning accuracy, large clamping force, large loading capacity, stable and reliable.
2. The unique dovetail cutter holder, more accurate positioning, greater clamping force.
Electrical Cabinet 
1. Electrical cabinet placed directly within the column, so the structure is more compact, save space. Beautiful appearance, wire marking clear and complete, wiring and tidy; The connection of the electrical cabinet to bed adopt the special cable connection.
2. Electrical cabinet is equipped with air condition, safety and standard, to ensure controller constant temperature, the stability of the controller.

Precise Oil Cooler
Precise oil cooler can prevent the machine tool thermal deformation, stable oil pressure, prevent oil shock, improve the processing precision, reduce the error of the mechanical action, reduce maintenance costs of machine tool through cooling hydraulic oil of machine tool. 

Automatic Lubrication
Guideway and screw adopt centralized lubrication, use a set automatic lubrication station, through the control of the electric system can all lubricating points for quantitative regularly, lubrication operation is more simple.
Column guideway width(mm) 
Model Guideway width

Worktable size(mm) 
Model Worktable diameterT-slot(B)T-slot(C)T-slot(D)T-slot(E)T-slot(F)

Beam Width(mm)
Model VLK800EVLK1250EVLK1600EVLK2000E
Width 500500550550

Spindle Speed Range(rpm)

Machine Dimension(mm)
Model Length(L)Width(B)Height(H)

Technical Parameter

Capacity Max. turning diametermm950125016002000
Max. cutting diametermm800125016002000
Max. height of workpiecemm800100010001250
Max. weight of workpiecekg20005000800012000
Worktable Main motor powerkw22223037
Worktable diametermm800101014001800
Max. torque of worktable KN.m1017.52532
Worktable speed range rpm2-3201.25-2001-1604-125
ToolNumber of tool station pcs.4444
Tool shank section of external turning toolmm32*4032*4032*4032*40
Dirve type  ElectricElectricElectricElectric
X/Z-axis X-axis ball screw size(dia.*screw pitch)mm50*1050*1050*1050*10
Z-axis ball screw size(dia.*screw pitch)mm50*1050*1050*1050*10
Max. travel(X/Z)mm-20-550/650-20-800/650-20-1030/800-20-1150/800
Feed range(X/Z)mm0.1-5000.1-5000.1-5000.1-500
Rapid feed speedmm/min2000200020002000
Servo motor torque(X/Z)N.m10101010
Power capacityKva30374552
Machine net weight kg8500110001450018500
Machine dimension(L*W*H)mm4300*2380*42904780*2570*44005630*3010*46605800*3685*4940

Standard Configuration:
Automatic lubrication system 
Full eclosed shield
Electrical cabinet with air condition
Precise oil cooler
Automatic chip removal(side removal) 

Optional Configuration:
SIEMENS 828D CNC system
FANUC 0i-mate TD CNC system
Special fixture

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